Fence Staining


Does your fence look faded, weathered or grey? Diamond Outdoors can restore your fence’s color and increase its life span. Our fence staining service will beautify, protect and preserve your wood fence while saving you the money and aggravation of having to replace it.

Here is what to expect from Diamond Outdoors when we stain and restore your wood fence:

Free On-site Consultation
Our fence staining technician will meet with you to go over the job. We will bring sample stained wood boards and the stain color chart so you can choose your stain color. You will be provided with a quote and that is the price you will pay — no hidden fees or charges.

Site Preparation
To protect from overspray, we will cover plants, pool and other areas with tarps and plastic.  Here's what we do that others do not:

  1. We spray down the metal fence posts with mineral spirits.  That way when the stain is applied the stain does not adhere to the posts and we just wipe the fence posts downs.  Other companies will just leave you with splotchy stained fence posts.
  2. We put a tarp over the pool when needed.  If stain gets in the pool it will impact your pool filtration system and/or accumalate on the tile line.  You will then have to clean and/or raor your pool.
  3. We cover plants so that they do not get damaged by any stain overspray.  You invest time and money in your landscape and you do not want it ruined!

Clean Fence Surface
Your wood fence must be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, mildew, oil, water and other contaminants. Using our low-pressure pump, we will apply a cleaning agent to remove any contaminants. We allow at least 24 hours after cleaning before we apply the stain and seal.  This is a key step to making sure the new stain will penetrate the wood and last as long as possible.  Other companies with just hose down your fence and then stain it the same day.

Apply Wood Stain
Using our commercial grade pressure spray system, we will apply the stain selected. The stain will be applied uniformly without runs or streaks and will penetrate the wood to protect and beautify your fence for years to come. We only apply in proper weather conditions (no rain or high wind). The job will be inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Site Clean-up
We will remove the tarps and plastic. Metal gate hardware, metal poles and any other items will be wiped clean from any overspray. Unlike other fence companies, we do leave the site absolutely clean.

Peace of Mind
Upon completion, your fence will be restored and protected for years to come. We warranty our work.

By saturating the surface of the lumber, our stain product penetrates into the substrate leaving the fence with an even, uniform coating.
Some of the materials include:

  • High quality, deep penetrating natural oils used to replenish and revive the composition of the wood.
  • Highest quality trans-oxide and finely ground iron oxide pigments that lessen the damaging affect of harsh UV rays while providing ample color choices for consumers.
  • UV inhibitors to further lessen the effects of harmful UV rays and keep the color consistent through the duration of the warranty.
  • Synthetic resins designed to promote maximum adhesion and penetration to the wood while beautifying the finished appearance of the wood structure.
  • The latest available mildewcides and fungicides to repel the growth of harmful mildew and fungus spores that decay wood and turn the fence gray in appearance.
  • Water-repellent silicone to repel water, decreasing the damage associated with warping, swelling and cupping.
  • Unique dispersants and anti-settling agents used to keep the product consistent in its container and lessen the amount of stirring required prior to application.